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Its been noted from some clients that there has been a longer than usual wait time on dialling numbers than expected.

On initial bench tests we can core switching speeds down to the <1ms average responses which combined with our choice of carrier performace was giving instant response to local call flows, e.g. voicemails and extension.

Then 1sec to ringing UK and international landlines and 4 seconds to ringing mobie destinations. we have noted the patter in rising of delay time on ringing so we have taken action and upgraded all system core elements where currently possible this includes our core media nodes where we noticed an increase in IO wait times which we were unhappy with.

Please note on issueing this upgrade we have made serious core infrasturcture change which we hope would bring about reductions in latency.

Please note we have also published  new set of proxies via dns to to utilise devices may need a reboot yet we have seen almost the expected number of registrations migrate successfully.


Any problems or queries please contact our support at


Thanks for the continued use of our service!