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We fully support number porting where possible and can assist fully in any porting processes.

A number port from providers which has agreements in place to allow for number portability can usually be sucessfully completed in an 18 day window.

The key requirements for a port to be sucessful is:

A Letter of Authority from the registered number owner,

The post code and address of the registered number (This is key),

The number of lines to be ported, i.e. is this a single number or a block of numbers, if its from a block of numbers usually all numbers must be ported together as a block.

When trying to port numbers that are from providers without arrangements in place for porting, should the origination provider be known, usually BT, Virgin or Level 3 then ports can be attempted but no garauntee’s can be given.


In cases where you are not charged for onwards SIP routing of your numberings we recommend forwarding via SIP rather than undertaking a port.