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Phone Setup

Log on to admin panel of phone

Update Weather goto Settings > Web services

  1. Leicester code UKXX0079
  2. Set to Celsius

Update authentication, Accounts > SIP Settings > Security Settings

  1. Authenticate Incoming Invite (YES)

Update time settings, Settings > Date and time

  1. Set NTP server:
  2. Allow DHCP 42 – No
  3. Time Zone – GMT
  4. Untick Allow DHCP Option 2

Back on SIP Admin site, go to customer, Devices > Add device

Select SIP Phone (or softphone as a workaround)

Take a note of the following

  • SIP Username (this can be changed to the name of the user – no spaces)
  • SIP Password
  • Give the device a name (Users name normally)
  • SIP Server Realm

Back to phone admin, go to Accounts > Account 1 > General Settings

  • Enter Account name
  • Enter SIP Server
  • Enter SIP Username/Password in to following boxes
  • SIP User ID
  • SIP Authenticate ID
  • Authentication ID (same as user)
  • Authentication Password – Use from SIP password on SIPADMIN Site
  • Enter Voice Mail UserID as *97

User settings on SIPADMIN

Following will assume the company is already created
  1. Access ‘Smart PBX
  2. Click Users – Add User
    a. Enter details, all must be correct, Including extension number and email address
  3. Click ‘Devices’
    a. Click ‘Add from spare device’ – Select the correct device from the list
  4. Repeat for each user

Group Settings

  1. Access ‘Smart PBX’
  2. Click Groups – Add Group, Enter Name and Extension
  3. Drag users across to the group

Inbound/Outbound calling settings

  1. Access ‘Smart PBX’
  2. Click ‘Caller ID’ at the top
  3. Select main number at the top, also enter ‘Company Caller ID Name’ and type in same number inc the +44
  4. Enter emergency contact details
  5. Save
  6. Now click ‘Main Number’ on left
  7. Select ‘Incoming call handling’
  8. Select far right
  9. Use drop down to select ‘Group’ which we just created
  10. Then select correct voicemail box