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Adding a number to a user in SipAdmin

1 login to sipadmin portal
Once logged in select Account Jump from the top menu (see screenshot)
2 Select the customer that you want to add the number to (in this example we will use linchpin Plant)
3 The system will then say you are masqurading as that customer
4 Once you are masquarading as that account go to the apps menu (the 3×3 grid icon) and select Smart PBX and you will see the following screen
5 Select Users from the left hand side and select the user you want to add the number to and click the phone numbers box then buy number and select type of number

6 The popup then allows you to specify a number you would like to search for. As we are looking for a coventry number in this example we are going to look for anything in the 02476 code. To search for this please do the following.

  • Lose the first zero so the number search becomes 2476
  • The system will only take 3 digits so just enter 247 and click search

7 Once the numbers come up either choose the one you want or let the customer know what is available and then choose the one you want and click Add
8 Click Buy Number and that number will then appear in the user once the system checks to see if it available.
9 Make sure the Geo number is being billed thorugh the contract on Autotask Use the Single Geo number from Soho66 for the time being.
10 Once the number is registerd (will take awhile and might hang) It will be in the spare numbers part of the account. You can apply that number to a user by doing the following

  • Click Users
  • Click the user you want to assign the number to
  • Click Phone numbers Square (labelled none in our example)
  • Click add from spare numbers
  • select number
  • CLick add selected numbers

11 Point of note. The user will need an extension number before you can assign the number to him. if he dosent have one click the extensions square and create one.