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Adding a New number to a SIPAdmin account

1 login to sipadmin
Once logged in select Account Jump from the top menu (see screenshot)
2 Select the customer that you want to add the number to (in this example we will use linchpin Plant)
3 The system will then say you are masqurading as that customer
4 Once you are masquarading as that account go to the apps menu (the 3×3 grid icon) and select Smart PBX and you will see the following screen
5 Select Users from the left hand side and you will see this
6 Click Add User then fill in the details as required in the pop up.

  • Name
  • email for login
  • password
  • choose extension number
  • tick Include User in Company Directory
  • leave Send credentials and send emails to an alternative unticked

7 Once done click create user
8 Go in to the account on Autotask and make a wall note of the username and password plus extension number for the newly created user.